Layering Tips!

So much has been written on the where’s and how’s of applying fragrance.  Here are the ESSENTIAL tips to remember when anointing yourself…
Often you see people applying their scent and then rubbing their wrists together.  DO NOT DO THIS.  Fragrance is built in notes, and the very definition of where a note falls is how much heat it takes to burn off the skin.  Top notes are very light, and they burn off first, middle notes not as much…  you get the idea.  By rubbing your wrists together, you are creating friction, and thus heat – it will make the top notes of your fragrance burn off faster. Gently tap your wrists together instead.
A perk to using fragrance oil as opposed to an eau de parfum or au de toilette is that has  no alcohol.   This means the scent itself will last longer on your skin, but will not be as apparent at a far distance. IT is the most intimate version of your fragrances, because those closest to you can experience it, and it warms to the skin.
Now to the WHERE…  Pulse points of course –they are the warmest points on your body, and will radiate your scent out into the world.  So your neck, your wrists, between your breasts…and if  you want the full experience, behind your knees, your ankles… and even the small of your back.  Think “where do I want to be kissed?”
Also – a great time to apply your scent is after the shower, when your skin is warm and still a bit moist.  First, fragrance – then clothes.
Lastly, an amazing thing you can do with a pure oil that you should not do with a traditional Eau de Parfum is put a dab on your fingertips, then run your fingers through your hair. Your hair is a fabulous scent carrier, and as there is no body heat to burn it off, it will last all day (or night).  REMEMBER – a little goes a long way!