A Personal Message From Sarah

Does anyone else feel like the only time they read the year 2018, it should be as a setting in some SciFi fantasy - not our present moment?

We are living in the future! I thought we would have flying cars (pretty darn close) and communicator's (we do...) by now. Time is flying by.

January is actually a favorite of mine (even here in the future).  It's a clean slate, a fresh start.  A perfect time for new beginnings.  Although many of mine are, as my friend Kevin told me New Year's Eve, "cliché" (yes, exercise, clean eating, all that). I do love the feeling of starting anew, and the feeling that anything is possible.

Same goes for fragrance - since scent triggers memory, it is a perfect tool to use when setting intentions with those resolutions. Pick your scent, the one that makes you feel most you, set your intention, close your eyes, and sniff your wrist.  Whenever you smell your scent, it will remind you of your intent.

Perfume - the highest gift one can give, an invisible calling card, a means of seduction - and the ultimate tool for achieving your goals.  How I love it. Have you set your intentions for this new year?  Who will you be?  What will you achieve?

Have you found the fragrance to anoint yourself on this journey?

May this year bring you beautiful goals, and the means to achieve them!

In gratitude, always,