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Driftwood - Eau de Parfum


Out of the vault for Summer - Driftwood

First launched in August 2016, DRIFTWOOD captures the essence of windswept shores, driftwood whitened by sun and sea, and the ruggedly beautiful coastline of the Central Coast of California.  

Notes: Notes of grapefruit, lemon, and sea salt open onto a dry, woody base accord that intertwines smokey cedar with a blend of white woods, highlighted by Iso E Super and Sandalwood, and a subtle touch of vanilla to anchor these very dry notes with a touch of a warm-sand richness.  Inspired by my love of the Central Coast, which is uniquely known for its crisp cool sea air, dramatic landscape, and the driftwood that washes up on the beaches, this scent dances between masculine and feminine, embodying the timeless beauty of the raw nature of the California coast - it is a fragrance for anyone who has heard the call of crashing waves and heeded it.

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