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Coeur de Sang - Gift Set


3 Piece Set – includes a Mini Pure Oil, a 1 oz Eau de Parfum Classic, and a Shea Butter Body Crème - $150. ( would be $160 sold separately)

Deluxe 6 Piece Set – Mini Oil, 1.7 oz Perfume Extrait - Top Tier, Shea Butter Body Crème, 8 oz Body & Massage Oil, 8 oz Bath & Shower Gel, 8 oz Body Lotion - $325 (would be $340.00 if sold separately)


Coeur De Sang, or Heart's Blood, is Sarah's ode to Amber. Seductive, spicy, and passionate, it is the newest addition to the Sarah Horowitz Parfums fragrance of the month collection. Layered with Perfect Veil, Coeur de Sang is a sexy tour-de-force.

Coeur De Sang Fragrance Notes:

Top Note: Blood Orange
Middle Notes: Black Rose, Mysore Sandalwood
Base Notes: Tunisian Amber, Red Amber, Labdanum, Benzoin, Patchouli, Tunisian Opium, Vanilla and Orris Root

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