Sarah Horowitz Parfums

Perfect Gardenia Shea Butter Body Creme


Sensual, innocent and alluring

This is the first fragrance created in the Perfect Perfumes line and it is still one of our most popular. Floral scents such as gardenia are, for many people, highly evocative of romance. Women of all ages have had powerful reactions to this fragrance, the most frequent comment being that it is the most authentic replication of a gardenia's scent they have ever encountered. Our Shea Butter Body Creme is a decadent, ultra rich creme to keep you fragrance AND hydrated all day long.

Infusion of green tea, Irish moss & camomile, shea butter, emulsifying wax, hybrid safflower, glycerin, setylalcohol, avocado oil, corn oil, hydrolyzed milk proteins, panthenol, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin D, vitamin E acetate, beta gucan, xantham gum, citric acid, sodium hydroxy methygycinate, lecithian, dyesodium edta, fragrance

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