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Beauty Comes From Within

Beauty Comes From Within™ is a voluptuous and inviting fragrance designed to evoke the powerful, life-giving beauty that exists within us all. Top notes of sweet lychee, pineapple leaf and tangerine suggest both the vitality of springtime and nurturing, abundant female energy. Bold, regal middle notes of creamy gardenia and alluring stargazer lily inspire recognition, and are ignited by a tender yet captivating accent of white rose that electrifies the aura like a first kiss. The fragrance's base note accord of succulent vanilla flower, meditative sandalwood and warm tonka bean compellingly conveys both the serene and smoldering facets of a woman's nature.

Below are Eau de Parfum and Pure Oil choices. If you would prefer Beauty Comes From Within in any of our other options, please use our Custom Scent page to order. 

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