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What is the Banq de Parfum program?

The Banq de Parfum is a new fragrance created each season by our Chief Perfumer, Sarah Horowitz-Thran for her most loyal and dedicated of clients. The Banq fragrances are all hand crafted and limited edition. Each Banq is available as a ready-to-wear for the three months of it's season. After that, they go back info the SHP vault. 

You can reorder if after that as a Custom Fragrance but only if you know about that particular Banq. 

Citrus Blossom

Available until June 1st, 2018

Coming from the East Coast, I had never encountered the scent of citrus blossoms on the breeze.  Moving to LA, I encountered a scent I imagine heaven must smell like – the scent of white flowers in the air; lemon and orange blossoms sweetly intoxicating me - I knew I could never leave.

Citrus Blossom is an ode to this – with a top note of lemon, Japanese yuzu and creamy almond, it has a heart note of orange blossom accented with neroil and a hint of gardenia.  The base note accord of soft rain accord married with the freshness of a lean, watery musk brings the Spring in full bloom.