SHP Evolution

Origin Story


Perfume Extrait - the highest concentration of aromatic compounds in wearable fragrance

Earthy.  Sensual.  Inception. 

Notes: Japanese Yuzu, cassis, jasmine grandiflorum, Egyptian jasmine, black rose, spicy patchouli, French vanilla, China musk, Tunisian patchouli, Mysore sandalwood, rich amber.

We all have our ORIGIN STORY, our beginnings.  Our first fragrance is ORIGIN STORY, a fragrance that captures Sarah's first breaths into this amazing, fragrant world of bespoke perfumery.  From the moment of inception on Newbury Street in Boston full of patchouli, crystals, and dear friends, an earthy sensual Sarah took her first step into the world of perfumery. 

"During my first year of college I stumbled into a perfumery on Newbury Street.  Enya playing, crystals on the bar, and hundreds and hundreds of beautiful apothecary bottles with mysterious oils inside. It called to me.  I fell in love. I stepped through that door in 1988, and although the location has changed- in truth I have never left. When I think of where I am, and where I dream to go, I cannot help but reflect back on where it all began."

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