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Holiday Room Spray



Blood Orange
On a frosty Sunday afternoon she glides  like a ballerina across her living room, filling the air with this heartwarming home scent. Accords of juicy sweet blood orange are blended with a dash of spicy clove for an uplifting and energizing opening effect. The drydown captures a warm and mysterious blend of amber and essential vanilla, which creates a comforting and seductive ambiance—evoking Apricity – the warmth of the sun in winter.

Frost Kissed

Pinyon Pine
In the winter woods, amongst the cedar and pine, the canopy is covered with fresh snow, your mind is clear, the air crisp, and your spirit light. Cool spearmint accent the green notes of pine, and the sacredness of Frankincense, to truly bring the Holidays home Frost Kissed captures the feeling of fullness when one comes back inside, into the warmth of home.

Holiday Room Spray Gift Set

Enjoy both of our handcrafted limited edition room sprays, with a 10% savings!  Duo is packaged in a beautiful white silk pouch.

The Dream Team – Ariane Gallet and Jeanine Bandyk

I have had the privilege to teach at FIDM here in Los Angeles now for 5 years and have had the pleasure of working with so many inspiring young students, as well as to have them as interns here at SHP.  This year, we had two extra special interns join us – Ariane Gallet and Jeanine Bandyk.   I asked them to come up with a concept for Holiday, and they blew me away!  Together, they created the designs that you see on the labels, and the romance copy – all I had to do was create the fragrances to match the beauty of their artwork and their words.  I hope you enjoy these beautiful room sprays as much as I do!

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