What Comes From Within

As an artist, Sarah has always strived to create fragrances that express the individuality of the wearer and entice those around them. These latest designs are no different, and are conceptually based on the power of the human spirit. Each fragrance is formulated to evolve differently on everyone, and can be worn alone or layered with the other fragrances for uniquely beautiful results. Wear these exquisite perfumes, and prepare to enter that place where all great journeys begin.

Beauty Comes From Within™ is a voluptuous and inviting fragrance designed to evoke the powerful, life-giving beauty that exists within us all. Top notes of sweet lychee, pineapple leaf and tangerine suggest both the vitality of springtime and nurturing, abundant female energy. Bold, regal middle notes of creamy gardenia and alluring stargazer lily inspire recognition, and are ignited by a tender yet captivating accent of white rose that electrifies the aura like a first kiss. The fragrance's base note accord of succulent vanilla flower, meditative sandalwood and warm tonka bean compellingly conveys both the serene and smoldering facets of a woman's nature.

Peace Comes From Within™ is a clean, tranquil fragrance of gentle depth. Its bergamot top note, renowned for its ability to inspire mental clarity, rests upon a base note accord of fresh oceanic musk and meditative sandalwood. Peace Comes From Within™ is a perfume that is designed to allow the scent of its wearer's skin to shine through. Evoking the subtle yet intoxicating fragrance of bare arms that have been caressed by seawater, it both captivates and induces a sense of calm.

Light Comes From Within™ is a sheer, luminous fragrance that celebrates new beginnings. Its sparkling bergamot top note introduces a captivatingly fresh middle note accord of freesia, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine. Fresh oceanic musk and white cedar form a base note accord of subtle depth. This fragrance evokes dancing California sunlight, coastal air and more ethereal manifestations of nature's beauty.

Love Comes From Within™ is an alluring tribute to both the passions that exist within all of us and the treasure that is the human heart. Its seductive clove top note introduces a sensuously sexy middle note of spicy carnation and rose, a flower long renowned for its aphrodisiac properties. The fragrance's textured, warm base note accord of Tunisian Amber, French Vanilla, Clean Musk and Indian Sandalwood beckons others to draw near as it evolves on the skin. Love Comes From Within™ is a fragrance designed to inspire that priceless love of self that makes one irresistible.