Perfumer's Palette

Perfect Bliss

The Perfumers Palette is a full line of single note fragrances that can be combined, worn alone or layered with your favorite fragrance to give it a personal twist.

Can't find your favorite vintage Perfumers Palette fragrance listed here? Please visit Custom Fragrances and type its name next to whatever fragrance or body care item you would like to order.

NOTE: Want our new Shea Butter Body Creme in any of our Perfumer's Palette scents? We can do that! Simply visit our custom page and enter the name of the Perfumer's Palette scent in the Custom Name box

Can't find a single-note Perfumer's Palette you've ordered from us in the past in the sections above? Don't worry, you can still order it! Simply fill out the name of the single-note scent in the box below and click "Add To Cart".