Banque de Parfum

Each month, Sarah is going to design something exclusively for you, her loyal customers. These fragrances are inspired by this moment in time, and are a limited run. A free sample of the current Les Banque de Parfums fragrance is added to every order for the month.

Scents Of Awakening

Scents of Awakening is one of the four signature scents from Sarah's QVC Biography Scents of Self collection. A bestseller and fan favorite, we decided it was the perfect fragrance to celebrate this change of season.

Spring, it's a time of rebirth, of celebrations, of longer days and new life - an awakening of possibilities. Scents of Awakening, heralds the entrance of Spring and everything she has to offer.

"The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also." Harriet Ann Jacobs

Let's transition from the bundled hibernation of Winter and embrace the fresh loveliness of Spring. To awaken within ourselves the possibility of newness. Let our Banque de Parfums usher in your Spring with bright and sunny ylang-ylang, fresh mango and papaya, and luscious white florals.

Bright, Budding, and Full of Life

Love Is Love

As Lin Manuel Miranda famously said "love is love is love is love is..." This month we want to celebrate Love. In all its forms, because at the end of the day, or a life, it's all that matters.

"The love you make is equal to the love you take."

Isn't that worth all our attention and energy. We think so. This month: LOVE IS.

Sultry, Unexpected, Lovely

Notes: Orris, Peony, Cardamon, Spicy Vanilla.


Let's ignite the aromatic branches, and then step into the fire (figuratively - let's not get crazy here). 2016 may not have been all that we hoped it could have been, but from the ashes we can gather the lessons and begin again. Take the disappointments, and pain, listen to their wisdom - then light the flame. Burn away the excess, the madness, and the things we carry that are holding us down. Then, and only then, we can step from the flames and the ashes - anew, rising above it all.

Phoenix is bright, sensual, and smoky.

Get ready to rise into 2017 like the magical Phoenix you are.

Notes: Blood Orange, Moroccan Rose Absolute, Gardenia, White Musk, Deep Amber, Essential Vanilla, Cade and Patchouli. On that cold winter night, you are becoming the fire.


December is a special time of year. One where we get to imagine, with childlike wonder, what could be. December is both the storm - and the eye of the storm - both magic and mayhem. It is also, ultimately, a time of hope, when maybe anything is possible.

This month we'd like to invite you into the sacred space of the wish. A moment in time where you strive to connect with the infinite, and ask... and in that moment, there is no impossible.

Close your eyes. Take a Breath. Make a Wish - and Believe.

Bright. Sparkling. Clean

Wishes Notes: Wild Fig, Tuberose, Winter Musk, White Amber, Pine, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Scents of Passion

The most requested fragrance from Sarah's QVC Biography fragrance collection is HERE.

Rich. Deep. Super Sensual.

Sexy, warm notes of amber, vanilla, patchouli, and sandalwood will ignite your Scents of Passion.

Fall...that in-between time of year. Sarah's favorite season, incidentally. A time to slow down. Way down, and connect with what's important to us. What sparks your passion?

Pumpkin Spice

Is there anything more fun than looking forward to the first hint of Fall? The changing leaves, the fun decorations...the pumpkin spice lattes! Here in Southern California we have to sort of create our Fall until things cool off, which might not be until December. We decorate, we flip through fashion magazines and stare longingly at the cute boots,...and we get our Pumpkin Spice on.

Aside from the heralding of Fall, the pumpkin spice scent is actually, scientifically proven to be a very powerful aphrodisiac. No kidding. It's science. So if you want to get cozy with a book or your sweetie - Pumpkin Spice is your new go-to fragrance. The good news? It's a completely delicious fragrance that you'll love wearing, and you won't have to bake a thing!

With notes of Cinnamon, Clove, Pumpkin, and Brown Sugar. Pumpkin Spice will transport you to a perfect Fall day...even if it's 90 degrees outside. Sigh.