Banque de Parfums

Scents of Awakening

This is the first fragrance created in the Perfect Perfumes line 20 years ago (!) and it is still one of our most popular. Floral scents such as gardenia are, for many people, highly evocative of romance. Women of all ages have had powerful reactions to this fragrance, the most frequent comment being that it is the most authentic replication of a gardenia's scent they have ever encountered.

If you love Gardenia, this fragrance is a must.

"Perfect Gardenia is a captivatingly nature-identical tribute to the scent of gardenias in full-bloom. Evoking the crispness of the flower's leaves, the creaminess of its petals and the subtle smell of the earth from which it grows, it transforms one's aura with its intoxicating beauty."- Sarah Horowitz-Thran

Imagine a room filled with golden afternoon light. You're standing beside a set of open french doors, sheer white curtains flutter in the breeze. Just beyond the door, out of sight, is a garden full of gardenias in full bloom.

Step into this Perfect Gardenia day.

Note: Bergamot, Freesia, Gardenia, Vanilla, White Musk blend, and a hint of patchouli

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